Russian Television and DVD release

Date posted: December 14th 2008

I have a few final pieces of good news, coming at the end of an incredible year for SUSPENSION. We've made a deal with HD Life, a High Definition movie channel that broadcasts in Russia and much of the former USSR. We've also signed an agreement with a Russian DVD distributor for a DVD release in that part of the world. SUSPENSION is set to hit Russian airwaves and store shelves later in 2009; I'll keep you updated …

Closer to home, I'm also pleased to announce that SUSPENSION will appear at VisionCon next year, an annual sci-fi and fantasy convention in Springfield, MO. The screening is part of a weekend of events and lectures at this very popular genre convention, occurring January 23 to 25, 2009.
Thank you for making 2008 a really great year for SUSPENSION. We've all felt a lot of gratification watching the movie actually reach the public, through festivals and the domestic DVD release. We're looking forward to SUSPENSION reaching new audiences in Australia and Russia next year, and continuing to make sales around the world.