Australian DVD Release, Amsterdam Fest

Date posted: October 9th 2008

I have a couple of exciting announcements for where our movie is heading internationally in 2009. First off, SUSPENSION will soon be available in Australia, where Accent Film Entertainment will be releasing it on DVD. They've given it a new DVD cover and labeled it with an "M" rating for violence and "course language," but other than that its the same movie that American audiences have been enjoying on Warner Home Video since May.

Our other international news is that SUSPENSION has been selected to participate in the main program of the 25th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, April 15th through 26th. This festival has been going strong since 1984, and had 20,000 people in attendance last year.

But next up on our march across the globe will be Taiwan's Kaohsiung Film Festival later this month. We will screen three times: 10/25 at 8:30pm, 10/28 at 10pm, and 10/29 at 12:50pm, in addition to a Q and A session with Producer Aris Blevins and myself on 10/26 at 8pm. I've already received word that a family member of one of our cast might be able to attend, so definitely let me know if anyone has friends or family in the area!

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