Festival Updates

Date posted: May 7th 2008

We've had a great time this last several weeks at both Sedona International, where we had a sold-out, opening-night show, and at Cinequest, where we had great audiences for all three screenings, and people stuck around to ask in-depth questions late into the night. They were the rare type of movie-lover question that we really hadn't received before, with a lot of "what was the significance of..." and "I noticed a correlation between..." that was very gratifying to hear. We were screening in Silicon Valley, so I guess it's no surprise the number of blogs that covered the festival. Links below to a couple that really liked our movie. Also, we got a really great review in The Metro that makes comparisons to Cronenberg and Shyamalan, with a special shout-out to Ben Van Cleave's work on the cinematography.

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